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For over eleven years, Verde Tech (formerly E-Waste Collections) has been building relationships and rapport with businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and are known throughout North Texas for doing so.

E-Waste (electronic waste) is the most rapidly growing segment of the municipal waste stream. It is produced when electronic products from our homes, schools, and businesses become obsolete or no longer functional and need to be discarded.  E-Waste contains many valuable, recoverable resources such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastics and ferrous metals – all of which require considerable energy to process and manufacture.

Recycling your old, unwanted electronics conserves natural resources, helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, and saves energy and raw material resources.  Recycling also prevents the toxic chemicals found in electronic component (mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium and chromium) from leaching into our soil when landfilled.

We handle a huge variety of electronics and other waste products for recycling, repair, and reuse.  Check out our Services page for more information!

Why recycle your old electronics?

Leaf for inserts 150There are two main areas of reasoning for doing so, Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention.  Americans generate over 200 million units of electronic waste a year – but only a small percentage is getting recycled. It will find its way into our landfills or will stay stored in your closets and garages. One contaminates our landfills with heavy metals and is a waste of commodities and the other is costing us space and keeps e-clutter in our lives.

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We currently offer pickup services for both commercial and residential customers, as well as hosting recycling events for a variety of clients.

What happens to the items that we collect?

Each item is reviewed for potential reuse and refurbishing – about 20% to 30% can be reused.  Other items are broken down for parts and materials (PCs, printers, appliances, etc.)  We recover steel, aluminum, copper, glass, plastics, and other raw materials that are further processed with specialty recycling companies.

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